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26 10 2009
Cathy Bjornsgaard, MA

I was wondering if i could post you on Face book . I imagine you would get so much attention to your site!!
I honor if this is not what you might like. Just asking. And, not sure how to do it anyways.

I used to play with ducks with my childhood girlfriend. We would bath our farm ducks in a tub, put doll clothes on them. Then we would wash the doll clothes and hang them out on a clothesline to dry! What fun this was in our childhoods. I LOVE DUCKS, and have my whole life!!!
Thank you for your wonderful site. My daughter and son in law live off beach drive and we walk by your “pad” when we go for a walk.
Duck lover forever!
Cathy Bjornsgaard, MA
Issaquah, WA 98027

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