There are always rules.  In some worlds, there are lots of rules.  In others, not so many.  In A Ducky World, the rules are to help ensure a safe and comfortable place for “kids” of all ages, including younger children and their parents.  This is a “G” rated site and no profanity, mobbing, harassment or crude, hurtful, threatening, sexist or racist language will be tolerated or allowed to be posted.  Yes, in a truly Ducky World, things can be ducky.  What you want actually can determine what you get.  

To that ducky-world end, all comments and replies are moderated and it may take up to 8 hours for comments and replies to appear.  Did I say that “patience is a virtue”?  Okay, now I have said it.  Yep, in our supercharged, I-want-it-yesterday society, we forget that civility, a community spirit, contemplation, and hard work, are qualities we should covet.  Those qualities of a civilized, caring world will be honored in A Ducky World.

Discuss, laugh, joke, inform, meet, greet, play, challenge, agree to disagree, but do it all with the right “duckitude.”   Those are my rules, and I am sticking to them.

Recommendation Number 1: When you comment or respond, feel free to use any acceptable name you want, but don’t use something that is an attempt to get around the rules about sexist or racist or otherwise obscene, rude, or crude language or symbolism. This is not “South Park.” Sure, you can be funny, but try for smart-funny. Crude-funny is just another example of how we look for shortcuts, even to humor, even for laughs, in our current culture. Be creative and patient — they actually go together quite well.

Recommendation Number 2: You don’t have to use a real e-mail address or any other real information about yourself. I highly recommend to all readers who are thinking about making a comment or a reply that they do not use real e-mail addresses. Although e-mail addresses are not published, I have no need to know your real e-mail address. I will NEVER be sending you e-mail of any kind and don’t want to. If you write to me outside of this blog, please note that I may not be able to respond at all due to limited time and resources for managing the Duckies Rule! activities. Additionally, for all children and parents who may wish to contribute to this blog, it is for your protection to NOT actually post you or your child’s actual e-mail address. Just because practically ALL blog software requires data such as a name and an e-mail address does not mean that it has to be real data.


One response

17 11 2009

Great to see the duckies gearing up for their Thanksgiving celebration.

Even in a world as baffling as this one, there is much to be grateful for, including humor (even silliness!), curiosity, friendship, and courage. I am amazed at the courage of those who preceded us here, whether they came over on the Mayflower, foundered on their passages in slave ships or in steerage, or were just waiting in the New World with maize, beans, and a wish to help their new neighbors (weird as they undoubtedly seemed!) to stay alive. Thank you for the reminder.

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