Lulu Duckies™

All the duckies that play, work and entertain in My Ducky Garden in West Seattle — all those loveable duckies are known as Lulu Duckies ™.  You might wonder what “lulu” means.  You might have a false impression that “lulu” means “crazy” or “eccentric” or something like that.  In fact, “lulu” has a lot of possible meanings because, well, we humans love our slang.

However, on the simplest level, “lulu” means “remarkable person, object, or idea.”  At other levels, it can mean a very attractive person (a “stunner” or a “knockout”).  In Australia, as a slang term, “lulu” means better than “rad” (radical) as in, “did you see that — that was better than rad, that was totally lulu!”  In case you are wondering, yes, I consider the Lulu Duckies definitely a cut above “rad.”

One of the things that makes Lulu Duckies so lulu (remarkable and special) is that they are not drawings, or graphic art, or the product of the manipulation of a photograph or photographs in Photoshop.  No, indeed, they are duckies who have existed in the real world and have worked and entertained neighbors, friends and visitors in My Ducky Garden in West Seattle, Washington.

In case you are wondering (I know you are wondering) (you are wondering, aren’t you….), the King and Queen of the Duckies Rule! Kingdom DO have names.   They are King Lucky and Queen Lulu.  Now, that is a match made in royalty heaven!

In the near future, we will be creating and issuing official Duckies Rule! trading cards featuring some of the Kingdom’s most popular, significant, and caring duckies.

You can read more about the meaning of “lulu” at Think Baby Names and at The Free Dictionary. For a comprehensive list of things named Lulu, see Wikipedia’s list of “Lulu”s.

Lulu Ducky, Lulu Duckies, and, are all trademarks of Ron Sterling.


2 responses

13 09 2010
celeste delpidio

Are any of your duckies for sale? I love them and have been a collector for the past year but your duckies are so unique.

14 09 2010

Hi Celeste! The Lulu Duckies shown in all our photographs are rather large rubber duckies — anywhere from 11 long to 20 inches long and 10 to 17 inches tall. They have to be to show well in the garden displays and in photographs. They are pieces of art in that sense, and are one of a kind. Thus, they are not toys and can’t really be played with, but are more like a sculpture or piece of art. They can be displayed. They can be sold, but they are signed, and somewhat expensive (think art).

Did you have a particular Lulu Ducky in mind? Hope that helps. Thank you so much for loving the ducks! Take care, Ron

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