Ducky Therapy

Here in A Ducky World, we believe that duckies can be very therapeutic.   It can be summed up nicely with the words “A ducky a day keeps the blues away.”   We find it nearly impossible NOT to smile, laugh, or feel comfort when we look at the image of a rubber duckie or a real rubber duckie.   Really impossible to resist that ducky feeling.

If you have lost “that ducky feeling,” we are here to help restore it.   Yes, we are here not just because we want to sell products, but to stimulate optimism, talk about optimism, and to help spread that ducky feeling.   I know, in this cynical world we live in, what can a few little duckies do?  Well, we’ll just have to see.

Thank you for visiting! You can count on more musings about optimism, laughter, smiles, and, and, duckies!

              — Best Wishes, Ron Sterling


6 responses

3 11 2008

🙂 found this site from google ads, and I think this is the most awesome thing ever! lol.

9 06 2009

i believe that you need a lot more than duckies to cure the wide array of mental disorders that you suffer from. Your duck fascination has turned into a sick obsession and i honestly believe that you need to seek professional help for it.

i pray to god you didnt procreate. we sure as hell dont need any more people like you in this world.

19 06 2009

I have a flock of innocent rubber duckies with just one devil ducky to provide the right degree of evil in my perfectly ducky world. Possibly it’s the ducky version of the Manichean Heresy (yeah, heavy stuff, I’m sure it’s on Google). Perhaps it’s simply perspective — you can’t always get what you want — hey, what a concept! Anyhow, it’s at least a centerpiece on my dining table, and it makes me laugh.

6 09 2010

More about duckies, boys and girls and drakes and ducks (I *thinK* duck means a female duck; should have made sure, but what the heck. We can all look it up later. Looking out across the lake’s serene vista, you see duckies gliding effortlessly across the water … ah, to be a ducky … not a care in the world … but wait!

Just beneath the surface, those happy little duckies are paddling little webbed feet for all they’re worth. Moral? Two: look below the surface, because things aren’t always as they seem; give a ducky (or for that matter, a person) credit, because they’re probably doing the best they can.

6 09 2010

As noted at the Duckitude page, indeed, equality is a bit more advanced in the duck world, since “duck” does stand for all ducks in addition to the female duck. The male duck is a drake.

5 06 2012

Thank you! I needed a lil positive in this dark.

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