A few years back, I started decorating our garden in West Seattle, Washington, with duckies dressed and styled for the holidays. Over the years, the rubber ducky population has increased, and has gotten even more creative as each holiday has arrived. Our neighbors, friends, and even some very nice strangers have insisted that we create and publish calendars, cards, and other products that would allow them to remember and treasure the ducky sights they have seen.

So, I have done it. The Duckies Rule! Kingdom on the Internet has been established and I will be doing my very best to keep it creative, silly, quirky, funny, mildly intellectual, and all-around loving and fun. The loveable duckies of the Duckies Rule! Kingdom hope to keep you smiling throughout the year.

Duckies Rule! for “kids” of all ages.

                           Best wishes, Ron Sterling

The Ducky Kingdom (tm).  Ron Sterling.  All Rights Reserved.

"The Ducky Kingdom" (tm). Ron Sterling. All Rights Reserved.


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