“A Ducky World” Begins…

25 08 2008

This blog, “A Ducky World,” was establised [look, a typo!] a little after 1 a.m., August 25, 2008 (who needs sleep, when the early ducky gets the worm, so to speak).   Well, the “worm” in this case, is keeping my promise to my visitors at DuckiesRule.com.   Promise kept! 

“A Ducky World” is dedicated to thinking and talking about the world of duckies, and keeping you up to date on the latest news from the Duckies Rule! Kingdom (otherwise known as “My Ducky Garden” in West Seattle, Washington).  “A Ducky World” might even get into discussing what would make this world a “duckier” place in which to live.  We’ll just have to see how philosophical you might want to get about “duckitude” and the Age of Duckquarius (Kids, you will have to get your parents to explain the “Duckquarius” thing, or, maybe, even your grandparents, or just click on “The Age of Duckquarius above).

This blog should be fun and educational and, yes, we will be holding contests, taking surveys, figuring out what people want, and generally having a “ducky” time all around.


The Ducky Kingdom (tm).  Ron Sterling.  All Rights Reserved.

"The Ducky Kingdom" (tm). Ron Sterling. All Rights Reserved.




3 responses

19 06 2009

It could definitely be duckitude that brings the world back from the brink — or at the least individuals in it. One duck at a time, so to speak. Very kewl merchandise with a great, happy message.

Is it, could it be, the dawning of the Age of Duckquarius? About time!!!

6 05 2011

walked by your duckplace and enjoyed very much your mission statement. We have been keeping flesh and blood ducks for several years, and contemplating them has yielded similar insights. We selected the breed Indian Runner Ducks on the basis that they were the most entertaining ducks. Most of our farmlife decisions are made on this basis. Observing animals teaches a great deal. Ducks appear to be sensitive, impulsive and random. Generally very group-think like a school of fish. They are most content dabbling mindlessly in the mud. Their bright inquisitive eyes are refreshing. Duck watching soothes the soul.

7 05 2011

Hi: Thank you for your comments! My guess is that ducks and duckies have perfect dopamine levels…

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